A love for stone

Our owner's true passion is working with granite, travertine, and marble. He is a master craftsman and genuine artist.

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Big or Small

Open your floor plan. Update your kitchen cabinets & countertops. Rip out that dated bathroom. Replace your flooring. We do it all.

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Value Is a Luxury

We cut all of our own stone, a rarity, and we produce our own solid wood cabinets. Cutting out the middle men saves you money.

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Since 1993

We Are Here to Serve You

Our #1 goal is not to remodel your house. No... It is to provide you with the home of your dreams, and that's a huge difference! The vast majority of our clients love where they live and wish to stay.

No matter how old your home is, or how shamelessly out of date it might seem, there is nothing that cannot be updated to today's very latest in style, quality, and convenience. Standards change, and you have undoubtedly noticed them in magazines or at a friend's newer home. Let us show you what you can have for yourself!

Your first and last step is to contact us today and request a review. We challenge you to ask for bids from other contractors as well, and we're confident we'll beat them. What do you need? No request is too large or too small, and the only limit is your (and our) imagination.


Let's Get Started...

We built this web site to attract new clients, but our greatest growth has always come from our many happy folks who recommend us to their friends and family. Learn why and see our work for yourself!